After a long break

… I have finally visited the flea market again this weekend. We usually have training with our dog on Saturday lately and Sundays are the only days I can stay at home, so there didn’t seem to be a time for the flea market. I kind of missed it, even if I do have enough stuff and a break from collecting more is very useful. But this Saturday we didn’t have dog training and as winter is approaching, we thought it would be nice to have a look at the market. I have found a few very cheap things for my collections.

I have no idea what this Avios brand used to be (a quick search online shows only some flight points), but this watch keeps correct time, even if it is so scratched and seems to have been used a lot. Maybe it is from the seventies? Anyway, I really like its small size and old fashioned design, so this is the watch I’m using these days.



Two more snake pieces of jewelry. Snakes are my favorite motif, so I was glad to find these. Both are silver and old, I think. dscn9681dscn9684DSCN9666.JPG

A new piece for my brass Art nouveau pendants and brooches collection. This is a very tiny pendant/charm.


I don’t think this bracelet is vintage, but it is nice. I gave it to my friend.


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Colors of today



A chipped glass and silver pendant that is pretty to me exactly because is not perfectly round, my vintage silver and enamel ring and a bracelet I have string some years ago from different stones such as chalcedony, blue sunstone, amethyst and turquoise. (I forgot what the magenta and orange ones are).


This was a very cheap second hand store find. A gold plated old bracelet beautifully constructed and with an interesting clasp. It has a hallmark on the clasp, but I couldn’t decipher it yet, so I’m not sure how old it is, but I would guess it’s from the forties. It’s broken in several places, but still wearable for me. I like imperfect things.


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Damascene style jewelry

I always see this kind of jewelry at the flea market. These are not really damascene jewelry, made in Toledo with 24 karat gold, they are copies made in the seventies, I think. I remember buying the bracelet, because I liked the birds and flowers on it and it is in such a good shape. I payed for it maybe around 2 or 3 euros, but I have seen similar ones sold for much more on Romanian websites. Looking for the bracelet in my boxes these days, I realized I also  have a pendant and a brooch. I don’t think I bought them, most certainly they were gifts that I received at the flea market when I bought some other stuff (my favorite vendor always gives me a gift).


I wear the bracelet these days, instead of the beautiful and much older Aesthetic period bracelet that I have worn every day since receiving it. I don’t want to risque loosing it with all the layers of winter cloths and this damascene one, besides being easier to replace, has also a safety chain.



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1 year and some celluloid

My blog had its 1 year anniversary yesterday. Writing here is still one of my favorite pastimes.

Last weekend, in a great flea market visit, I have found some celluloid things. A new elephant for my charm collection, two heart charms, a rose clip, a string of rose beads and a beautiful old silver and celluloid nameplate bracelet. I like to wear Nina’s bracelet, whoever she was.


Dragons, again

I have found this last weekend at the flea market a fun sterling charm bracelet with two dragons. They are the wearable, jewelry version of the ones that I have in brass and in much larger size. I have found other things too, but I can’t really take good photos in the dark, rainy day we have today.






Flea market finds

It was a great day at the flea market today. I’ll post tomorrow the nicest find, but these are also things that make me very glad.

A snake ring for my collection.


A silver button with enamel and a tiny rhinestone (I’ll use it on a charm bracelet) and another silver charm.


Two watch chains (I wanted one for a long time now). I’ll use the simpler one to build a charm necklace and the more intricate one is perfect as a bracelet. Watching them more closely, I have noticed that they are both marked “Murat”, which a a French jeweler. They are gold filled and probably from the twenties or thirties.



A strangely organic looking old brooch.


Another stick pin for my collection (unfortunately no more stones on this one, but I probably replace them with some).



An old  paper ring box.



A tin of colored pencils from the eighties, with some very nice shades.


A beautiful Russian tin full of interesting buttons (many of them bakelite). I think the tin is from the 1910s or 1920s.







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