Egyptian ring

I was so glad to find this funny Egyptian ring at an antique fair this Friday. It was very cheap, too. It’s hallmarked for 1948 and it fits so well with my Art deco ring.




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Onix elephant

My mother bought this elephant for me from a junk store and she overpaid for it seriously. It’s not even something I would have bought or like in particular, but of course I didn’t tell my mother that. Anyway, it sits on my shelve for a while now and I grew to like it. The junk store have things from some small town in Germany, so it is funny to imagine a German family sometimes in the seventies, visiting Mexico and buying the elephant as a souvenir.


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Damascene style jewelry

I always see this kind of jewelry at the flea market. These are not really damascene jewelry, made in Toledo with 24 karat gold, they are copies made in the seventies, I think. I remember buying the bracelet, because I liked the birds and flowers on it and it is in such a good shape. I payed for it maybe around 2 or 3 euros, but I have seen similar ones sold for much more on Romanian websites. Looking for the bracelet in my boxes these days, I realized I also  have a pendant and a brooch. I don’t think I bought them, most certainly they were gifts that I received at the flea market when I bought some other stuff (my favorite vendor always gives me a gift).


I wear the bracelet these days, instead of the beautiful and much older Aesthetic period bracelet that I have worn every day since receiving it. I don’t want to risque loosing it with all the layers of winter cloths and this damascene one, besides being easier to replace, has also a safety chain.



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Art deco ring

I have found this ring at the flea market four or five years ago. It was really cheap and I liked its elegant geometrical shape, but I had no idea that it is so old. A few days ago, I have seen online a very similar ring, and it was a ring from the twenties. I searched for the hallmarks on my ring, which is 935 silver and I’m almost sure mine is also from the twenties or the thirties. The hallmark, the silver standard that was used mostly in the 1920s-1940s  and the art deco style of the ring, all match. I really like how the color and texture of the stone is complemented by the setting.


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