Some update on my small cacti “garden”. The beautiful big white one is a new addition, a gift that left in our urban garden by an acquaintance from our neighborhood. Also, I received from my school another one that is not in such a good shape, but maybe it will get better with more light this summer. I’m kind of worried for the biggest cactus I have, that seems to be very dry, but again, I moved the pot closer to the window and I hope the light from the summer will make it better. I’ll also look for some soil enhancer for it. My vintage flower stand, that was my grandmother’s needs some repainting, but I don’t think this will happen very soon. But I don’t mind the shabby look, it goes well with all the different pots and cacti.


My birthday gifts


My birthday was 10 days ago, but I was so busy these days and I neglected my blog. I took a sick day today, in order to heal from a flue, that kept nagging me for some time now. So, I have found the time to take pictures of some of my birthday presents, of the hand made, vintage and second hand ones, my favorite kind of presents.

My friend Rodica made me these beautiful bags. The bigger one is from an interesting fabric that looks like paper.



img_4926She also made me the white blouse in this photo. The vintage Japanese yellow cardigan is also a gift from her, but form last year.


This beautiful fancy dress is also made by Rodica, initially for her sister who wore it for some special occasions. But her sister decided to give it to me, as I usually wear fancy dresses with cardigans and such in informal situations, too. I was very glad to receive it. img_5018img_4938

My friend Maria gave me a ring for my figural jewelry collection. Also, she transformed for me a nineties troll doll without any hair or clothing. She made the hair out of a mineral and she created for the doll a cosmic dress :). She never liked troll dolls but I like them a lot, so she spend a good deal of time on it :). IMG_5026.JPG


Also, she transformed the cover of a notebook that I used to have since a long time ago, but I didn’t want to use it as I was embarrassed by the colonialist map on its cover. This transformation deserves its own post, in details. IMG_5001.JPG

My favorite coworker gave me this set of geometric shapes used by teachers in the eighties. I wanted such a set for a very long time, but it is kind of expensive to buy online and I have never found it at the flea market. I was very happy to finally have them! They were produced in a factory from the town I grew up in. IMG_4954.JPGAnother coworker gave me also a beautiful gift of a book she illustrated,  a tasty syrup and this soap she had made herself and wrapped in a doily. IMG_4944.JPG

Oti found at a second hand shop this cute t-shirt. IMG_4942.JPG

And the kids at school gave me these flowers that we have planted in our urban garden. IMG_5771.JPG

It wasn’t only my birthday last week. Our dog Cici was born sometimes in October, this is the time frame our vet estimated. So, he put down in her id the same birthday as mine. We had celebrated together :).  dscn9846dscn9848dscn9849dscn9844


Four years ago, my friend Maria kept the seeds from a dried goji fruit that came in a bag shipped here from China and bought from a health store in a shopping mall. The seeds germinated and she planted them in the urban garden she created next to our building. The goji plant grew all these years but it never had flowers and it didn’t seem to thrive. It was just an ugly plant under our window, taking up space, but still a plant that grew out from something dry, travelling the seas to get to a shopping mall, part of a global system that usually does not let life perpetuate. So, my friend never had the heart to pull out the ugly goji plant.

This year it bloomed and this is the first berry.





Optior x3

Optior is the first Romanian camera produced by I.O.R. (Romanian Optical Factory), in the mid fifties. It is a very simple metal camera that takes 120 film and I really like the results it produces. In time we have found 3 of them, so now each of us has one.


We should really use them more, now that days with more light will be here soon. Here are some of my favorite results from bright winter days some years ago.

poza 11poza 3poza 4

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I love my evenings lately. I’m usually too tired to let space for worrying thoughts. I’m happy to be in the small, safe space of my room, with my familiar things, with Souris sleeping peacefully on his pillow. Just silence and small rituals, arranging the pillows, watering the plants, eating some chocolate, looking out for a moment at the quiet street. The Parma violets are full of flowers and one of my cacti bloomed these days, too.