New old things

It’s summer and so hot these days and it seems hard to me to find the motivation to do much. I almost finished some job related things and now I am free to do whatever I want, but somehow the days pass and I don’t do much. Summer is often like this to me, I feel locked out from myself, with a foggy and scattered mind. So, for now, I will only post some new things I have found, in a rare visit to the flea market, online and in a vintage shop I visit quite often.

This is a pretty needlepoint bag, in a really good shape. I’m not sure if it is from the twenties or thirties or it’s something newer (the sixties?) made in that spirit. I am actually inclined to believe it is from the twenties, but never really used or something. I will keep it in my bag, holding embroidery stuff, when I go to work in the park (I do this sometimes, meeting friends in the park and stitching while we talk and it’s one of my favorite things to do).


This is a lucky flea market find, an Egyptian scarab ring, something that I kept hoping to find. It has Egyptian hallmarks, but I didn’t research them yet. I think it’s from the forties of fifties.


Another pretty ring, made of bakelite and some sort of silver alloy.


And a snake, found online.


I added another piece to my Art Nouveau collection. This is a brass necklace with mother of pearl (a very cheap flea market find).


And a cute brass dog ring.


New old things

I went to the flea market this Saturday and it was a very good day for finding some of my favorite things.

I wanted such a celluloid bangle for a long time now, I kept seeing them online but never at the flea market. This one is a bit too large for me but the other vintage plastic bangle keeps it on my wrist. I really like how the paint faded in soft pinks and greens. DSCN9186DSCN9188

This beautiful antique souvenir silver brooch has a damage to the first “e” from Venice, but it was to interesting to leave behind. And I have very nice memories connected to Venice, so it makes sense for me to wear it. The dangling letters are more sparkly in reality than in these photos.


This silver wolf pin looks a lot like our dog Souris.


This antique brooch is not silver, although it really looks like silver and it is very detailed. I like the snakes and the tiny jade figure (Buddha?).


I don’t know if this woven wallet from Peru is vintage or not, but it’s really nice.


My favorite find is this big amber ring in an Art deco setting. It has some interesting hallmarks, that I didn’t have the time to research yet. I keep staring at the luminous stone these stressful days.


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Chatelaine purse

I have finally found one! It is small and light enough to wear around my neck and it was reasonably priced at an outdoor antique market. It’s from late 19th century and I really like the ornaments on the frame. It isn’t in perfect shape (this is why the price was ok), some links are missing in the silver mesh, but I don’t plan on really using it for coins :).  The holes are not visible when the purse is closed and maybe I will get it fixed at some point, if I really want to.


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Flea market by proxy

I hurt my ankle last week and even if it is nothing serious, still I can’t walk long distances or be on my feet for too long. I haven’t visited the flea market in a long time (I was either busy with other things or it was raining, etc.) so I was quite annoyed that I cannot go there this weekend. After some nagging from my part, my friend decided to go instead of me, like a good friend does for someone ill :). She has found these for me:

An antique coin purse. It has a brass frame, a beautiful, pale yellow lining and it is very clean. I have never seen such a clasp.




She has also found two rings, one 835 silver in an interesting shape and the other one brass and enamel. They go very  nicely with my sapphire eternity band and the tiny art deco ring.



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Signet ring, brooches and dog

These are just part of the things I have found yesterday at the flea market.

My favorite find is this really small size signet ring, that probably was made for a child. It only fits my pinky from my left hand. It’s silver with a gold plated part, and it is kind of roughly made. I have not idea about the period, but it’s definitely vintage. DSCN8676



This rhinestone bracelet is from the fifties and it’s really well preserved, without missing stones. I really like that the stones are not that sparkly anymore. The marcasite brooch is not a perfect match but they look really nice together.




This brooch, from filigree brass, is marked Czechoslovakia on the clasp. It’s really nice and old (from the thirties or forties), but most of the rhinestones are missing. I’ll try to replace them with some matching old ones, when I find some.



A small celluloid pendant.


A copper thing that I don’t know what it was supposed to be (part of a necklace? a key chain?, although it’s maybe too delicate for that). Anyway, I liked all the details on this fifteenth century lady.


The vendor, which is my favorite at the flea market, gifted me this pretty silk coin purse to put all my finds in.


This dog is nothing special in itself, just a plastic toy, but it has the exact posture that my dog takes when frightened. “Better to look really menacing than afraid…” :).



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Silver and gold

I’ve asked my friend: “Do you think I should write about my mesh purse on the blog or is it too silly?”  “Too silly.” “And random, too?”, “Yeah…” ” Silly can be nice, too”, I said. So, silly and random it is.

I found this mesh purse some time ago at the flea market. It is not silver and it’s not really old (I guess it’s from the sixties), but it is nicely made, with a pretty, detailed frame. Both my friends consider these bags really, really ugly, even the silver Victorian ones (that I like a lot, but I didn’t find a cheap one, yet). I spent one long afternoon to knit for the one I have a chain made from metallic thread and I fixed the chain in place with two old mother of pearl buttons. In the end it’s a very pretty object, all the textures are really good together. But it looks completely stupid if I try to wear it. If I wear it like a purse, it is too small and it hangs awkwardly against my hip. Also, what to put in it, it is even too small for my keys. 🙂 If I wear it around my neck, like a necklace, it is even stupider, as it is much too big for that.





The gold part in the title is about this ring my mother gave me a few days ago. She bought it in 1978 from a friend who received it as a gift from Canadian relatives. It wasn’t new when my mother bought it, but I suppose it’s not older than the sixties or early seventies. I like a lot the star burst design and the beautiful setting of the stone. I would never buy gold new (there are not a lot of things that I buy new, anyway), but definitely I wouldn’t buy something that is usually obtained in such harmful ways towards nature. But I wear vintage gold, especially in this case when it was a gift. I suppose this is a wedding ring, but the way I stack it with other rings hides this. No one asked me yet if I got married suddenly :).





Antique coin purse

This is one of my favorites flea market finds. It’s a mother of pearl coin purse, from the late 19th century. It is beautifully carved with a bird and roses and a letter where its first owner’s name is written: Louise. The inside is blue silk, and it is in reasonably good condition for its age. I keep inside another small treasure: a very tiny elephant charm (it’s approximately 1 cm long) . The vendor said it’s bone, but fortunately I’m sure it’s some kind of resin, judging from its texture. DSCN9031