This is my favorite thing to work on these days.0108BF2D-EE45-427A-8704-18EB71BBD83ECCA87453-7551-4322-A556-4F47DC0A545D120F935A-A8F5-492D-A154-D13F39710AE3




It seems that I only post phone photos lately. But I do hope to finish soon a film and have some nice photos and I have to take pictures of all my birthday gifts this year and post about them here.

This brooch is a fleamarket find from a long time ago, but I don’t think I ever showed it here. Actually, this is the first timeI wear it. The green nailpolish is a birthday gift and I love it.97FA0915-B80B-4BD2-91E0-DEF4423163F650F8EF52-6512-4188-B9AD-84C87990B1AC