Last days of summer

Finding time to relax between deadlines and enjoying the last days of vacation, before the new school year starts, with my favorite things and my favorite persons.

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Good intentions

This Red cross poster belonged to my mother in her childhood. It is marked Popular Republic of Romania and this places it before 1965 (when the name of the country changed to Socialist Republic). It says: “In order for you to grow up healthy, strong and cheerful”. I like how the two kids have the same silhouette, even if the girl has red pajamas and the boy blue ones. But the text is written only in male form. Good intentions, never fully materialized, same as many things in socialism.


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Green beans soup


I’ve cooked this soup a while ago, but I was too busy to post it here. But I want to document it on the blog mostly for myself, to remember to make this again sometimes. I have used for this soup a large bag of green beans, 3 chopped onions, 2 large chopped red bell peppers, 2 chopped carrots and 2 cilantro roots, a piece of a medium sized watermelon diced and without the seeds, of course, one peeled and diced tomato, cooking oil and salt. I cooked the onions, carrots, cilantro roots and peppers for a few minutes in some cooking oil with salt and then I added the green beans and the watermelon with water. When everything was almost cooked, I added the tomato and let it boil for a few more minutes. This simple soup had a very nice sweet and salty flavor and a pretty color. In a different version of this soup I had used one very ripe and sweet peach instead of the watermelon and it was also very good.

Vegan creamy rice


I woke up today with the thought that I really want to cook something interesting and experimental. So, I cooked a green beans soup that I seasoned with a few cubes of watermelon and a rice with pickled cabbage and cashew nuts. I have seen this mix somewhere online, but I couldn’t remember where to check the recipe. So, I have improvised my own version.

These are the ingredients: 4 smaller onions diced, 4  green and red bell peppers diced, 1 mug of rice, some shredded pickled cabbage, one cup of cashew nuts, 2 spoon of capers, 3-4 spoons of sesame seeds, a few pieces from a diced tomato, lemon zest, salt. As usual, the quantities are really just a guess :), as I mostly improvise when I cook.

I stir fried the onions, peppers and rice with cooking oil and a bit of salt (the salt will add up from the capers and the pickled cabbage, too). After stir frying for a few minutes, I added water for the rice to cook. When the rice was half cooked, I added the pickled cabbage, the capers and the cashew nuts. When the rice was almost cooked and the water evaporated, I added the tomato.

While the rice was cooking, I blended the sesame seeds with a bit of salt and some lemon zest, same as for a tahini sauce, but without the garlic. After the rice was cooked and I turned of the stove, I mixed in the hot rice the sesame sauce. We ate it topped with some more shredded pickled cabbage, some more cashew nuts, tomatoes and black caraway seeds.

It is very comforting and creamy and delicious! And really nutritious too.