My birthday gifts


My birthday was 10 days ago, but I was so busy these days and I neglected my blog. I took a sick day today, in order to heal from a flue, that kept nagging me for some time now. So, I have found the time to take pictures of some of my birthday presents, of the hand made, vintage and second hand ones, my favorite kind of presents.

My friend Rodica made me these beautiful bags. The bigger one is from an interesting fabric that looks like paper.



img_4926She also made me the white blouse in this photo. The vintage Japanese yellow cardigan is also a gift from her, but form last year.


This beautiful fancy dress is also made by Rodica, initially for her sister who wore it for some special occasions. But her sister decided to give it to me, as I usually wear fancy dresses with cardigans and such in informal situations, too. I was very glad to receive it. img_5018img_4938

My friend Maria gave me a ring for my figural jewelry collection. Also, she transformed for me a nineties troll doll without any hair or clothing. She made the hair out of a mineral and she created for the doll a cosmic dress :). She never liked troll dolls but I like them a lot, so she spend a good deal of time on it :). IMG_5026.JPG


Also, she transformed the cover of a notebook that I used to have since a long time ago, but I didn’t want to use it as I was embarrassed by the colonialist map on its cover. This transformation deserves its own post, in details. IMG_5001.JPG

My favorite coworker gave me this set of geometric shapes used by teachers in the eighties. I wanted such a set for a very long time, but it is kind of expensive to buy online and I have never found it at the flea market. I was very happy to finally have them! They were produced in a factory from the town I grew up in. IMG_4954.JPGAnother coworker gave me also a beautiful gift of a book she illustrated,  a tasty syrup and this soap she had made herself and wrapped in a doily. IMG_4944.JPG

Oti found at a second hand shop this cute t-shirt. IMG_4942.JPG

And the kids at school gave me these flowers that we have planted in our urban garden. IMG_5771.JPG

It wasn’t only my birthday last week. Our dog Cici was born sometimes in October, this is the time frame our vet estimated. So, he put down in her id the same birthday as mine. We had celebrated together :).  dscn9846dscn9848dscn9849dscn9844

Pencil cases

I love old wooden pencil cases. The ones in the first photos are from Belgium, I think, because I have found them in a box at the flea market that had stuff brought from Belgium. I think they are from the forties, maybe? The one with Plumes written on  it has a sliding lid and the other one has two compartments that open separately. They were obviously used but they are in a good shape. But my favorite is the third one, that I have shown here before, a Romanian one from the seventies or eighties with white and pink counting beads and an alphabet paper glued inside.







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Vintage stationery

This is what’s left of my grandfather’s stationery collection from the seventies and early eighties. He kept his pencils and fountain pens and notebooks in a special drawer and we would take them out sometimes and look at them together, carefully. (He died when I was 6 and he was my only friend till then). There were much more fountain pens and colored pencils, but I used them and gradually lost them in primary and secondary school. There were also more notebooks and I still have those as my diaries from high school. I could never bring myself to write in this last one though, the most melancholy notebook ever. DSCN8656 DSCN8659 DSCN8662 DSCN8665 DSCN8677 DSCN8681 DSCN8670 DSCN8672 DSCN8653 DSCN8654 Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.

Vintage school suplies

This pencil case is a flea market find, but I had the same one as a child. It was made in China and the colors are so pretty and saturated. One of the panda headed pens (the black one) was the one I used in the eighties. I have found the other one at the flea market (it was a very happy find, as it is in better shape than mine).




DSCN0081     DSCN0079


DSCN0104 DSCN0132

DSCN0116 DSCN0098

I don’t remember seeing as a child this wooden pencil case (another flea market find), although it is definitely Romanian and probably from the eighties, too. Or maybe it is a bit older? It is so nice with its white and pink counting beads and the alphabet paper glued inside.


DSCN0135   DSCN0157


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