Broken objects

I grew up with a respect for objects that it is long lost now. Objects that were made to resist, that people would buy once to last a lifetime, that were cared for and appreciated for the material costs but also for the work that went into them. Coats that were carefully stored in order to be worn winter after winter after winter. Photo cameras that had lifetime guaranties. Stoves from the seventies that still work today. My grandmother would keep also objects that were slightly broken, without being a hoarder and without our house getting flooded by objects. There were just a few things that people were owing, things that were useful or pretty but not in excess and even when some of them had to be replaced by new things the old ones were still cherished and kept.

I remember playing with these sunglasses that belonged to my mother in the early seventies. I was fascinated by the pink case and all the colors of the lenses. Only the blue ones, that are mounted in the frames are still intact, the other colors were slightly broken already when I was playing with them. They are just some cheap plastic sunglasses with a silly shape, but I take them out sometimes from a drawer and look at them, at the yellowed case, at the broken lenses… DSCN9454DSCN9458DSCN9452


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These stormy days

Just some grainy phone photos that I post here mostly for myself. Remembering how I have always loved the mixture of fear, excitement, relief and  energy storm brings. Similar in a way to watching the sea and being small in the big order of things…



In the garden

These are some plants in our urban garden this beginning of summer. The photos were taken with my Zenit E camera.

Meanwhile, my friend Maria hopes to grow some organic cotton next to our building. She ordered the seeds online this winter and now we already have cotton seedlings from seeds of different colors (white, brown, green). We really hope we will manage to keep the plants alive, bring them to maturity and in  the end to have a small piece of cotton fabric that we produced ourselves, from seeds. Kind of ambitious, taking into consideration that cotton is such a needy plant, but we will see.




Forties ring and old brooches

This is what I brought home after a flea market visit in a really hot and stormy day.

I had one of these antique brooches from a while ago. I have found another one for less than 50 cents and in a better shape, with the paint still intact. I think they look nice together. DSCN9430DSCN9432DSCN9435DSCN9437

I also found this plastic mouse with rhinestones eyes (from the sixties, maybe?). Very cute and in a good shape.


But my favorite find is this strange silver ring from the forties. The red and pink rhinestones are really sparkly and I enjoy watching its funny shape on my finger.

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Optior x3

Optior is the first Romanian camera produced by I.O.R. (Romanian Optical Factory), in the mid fifties. It is a very simple metal camera that takes 120 film and I really like the results it produces. In time we have found 3 of them, so now each of us has one.


We should really use them more, now that days with more light will be here soon. Here are some of my favorite results from bright winter days some years ago.

poza 11poza 3poza 4

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Life lately

  • These last two weeks were so busy, with long to do lists and almost no time to just relax at home.
  • I’ve traveled to Gothemburg last week to work for an exhibition. We were most of the time in the gallery, but still we did get to spend some time looking at the sea, sitting in sunny parks, eating delicious vegan food and taking some long walks in the late, never ending sunsets.DSCN9211DSCN9240DSCN9395
  • I’ve took my Portuguese exam. Here are the dogs helping me study. I’m sorry the course ended for the summer, but I’ll definitely be back in fall.iphone 056iphone 048
  • These are some new old rings that I didn’t got the chance to post yet. The gold plated one with a small sapphire is my favorite.DSCN9174DSCN9158DSCN9164
  • Summer vacation will start soon and I really plan to be more productive. Journal more is one of the plans, so I have bought this really nice and fancy one with colored paper.DSCN9404DSCN9400
  • The city is full of the smell of linden flowers and the skies are blue-green and lavender and stormy in the evenings. Times for being outside in the streets full of people, time for sweet and light melancholy and for unnamed yearnings.
  • Sometimes feels like being happy is just a moment away, that forgetting about uncertainty and worries and just be is so much in my power… only sometimes…iphone 071.jpg