Cabbage rolls and cake

Both vegan, of course. We made soooo many cabbage rolls yesterday, we have two big pots that we cooked for this time and the content for another pot in the freezer for another occasion. They are really good. The stuffing is made with chickpeas, soy granules, onions, carrots, pleurotus mushrooms and champignon mushrooms. The cake has nuts and bananas.

It’s vacation already and even if I still have things to do, it will be nice to sleep longer in the mornings. I also plan to draw things, mostly everyday stuff from our home.


The forest

We celebrated my friend’s birthday in the forest yesterday. It was such a pretty day, sunny but not too warm, and the forest was peaceful and full of flowers. It was dry and without any mosquitoes yet. We didn’t find mushrooms (it didn’t rain in a long time and it is too early in the year for most species), but we picked nettles and made a delicious soup at home. I really needed such a day.