New old things

It’s summer and so hot these days and it seems hard to me to find the motivation to do much. I almost finished some job related things and now I am free to do whatever I want, but somehow the days pass and I don’t do much. Summer is often like this to me, I feel locked out from myself, with a foggy and scattered mind. So, for now, I will only post some new things I have found, in a rare visit to the flea market, online and in a vintage shop I visit quite often.

This is a pretty needlepoint bag, in a really good shape. I’m not sure if it is from the twenties or thirties or it’s something newer (the sixties?) made in that spirit. I am actually inclined to believe it is from the twenties, but never really used or something. I will keep it in my bag, holding embroidery stuff, when I go to work in the park (I do this sometimes, meeting friends in the park and stitching while we talk and it’s one of my favorite things to do).


This is a lucky flea market find, an Egyptian scarab ring, something that I kept hoping to find. It has Egyptian hallmarks, but I didn’t research them yet. I think it’s from the forties of fifties.


Another pretty ring, made of bakelite and some sort of silver alloy.


And a snake, found online.


I added another piece to my Art Nouveau collection. This is a brass necklace with mother of pearl (a very cheap flea market find).


And a cute brass dog ring.


After a long break

… I have finally visited the flea market again this weekend. We usually have training with our dog on Saturday lately and Sundays are the only days I can stay at home, so there didn’t seem to be a time for the flea market. I kind of missed it, even if I do have enough stuff and a break from collecting more is very useful. But this Saturday we didn’t have dog training and as winter is approaching, we thought it would be nice to have a look at the market. I have found a few very cheap things for my collections.

I have no idea what this Avios brand used to be (a quick search online shows only some flight points), but this watch keeps correct time, even if it is so scratched and seems to have been used a lot. Maybe it is from the seventies? Anyway, I really like its small size and old fashioned design, so this is the watch I’m using these days.



Two more snake pieces of jewelry. Snakes are my favorite motif, so I was glad to find these. Both are silver and old, I think. dscn9681dscn9684DSCN9666.JPG

A new piece for my brass Art nouveau pendants and brooches collection. This is a very tiny pendant/charm.


I don’t think this bracelet is vintage, but it is nice. I gave it to my friend.


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Creepy hands

These are some new additions to my mismatched jewelry collection. I especially like the creepy bakelite and silver hands, very cheap finds. I’m sure the bakelite brooch is vintage, I’m not certain how old the silver pendant is, although it was looks like it was used for a long time by someone. When I bought it, I thought it might be antique, but I’m not sure.I like how the bead looks like an apple. DSCN0844DSCN0848DSCN0851I’ve also found these two beautiful old silver bands, an Art nouveau pewter ring and a celluloid owl ring.


This very small and detailed charm is for a bracelet I want to make at some point only with animals and birds. DSCN0854.JPGLinking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays and Vintage Charm parties.


Chatelaine purse

I have finally found one! It is small and light enough to wear around my neck and it was reasonably priced at an outdoor antique market. It’s from late 19th century and I really like the ornaments on the frame. It isn’t in perfect shape (this is why the price was ok), some links are missing in the silver mesh, but I don’t plan on really using it for coins :).  The holes are not visible when the purse is closed and maybe I will get it fixed at some point, if I really want to.


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Art Nouveau fly brooch

I have wanted an Art nouveau insect jewelry for a long time now. I have found this bar pin online, while being sick and bored at home. It was listed as being from the fifties, but it is definitely older (I think it’s from the first decades of the twentieth century). It has a hallmark, but I can’t deciphered it right now, with my aching head and teary eyes and all. It’s in perfect condition and the rhinestones catch the light in a very pretty way.


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Anchor ring

At some point my friend found at the flea market a very interesting and intriguing box with someone’s collection of old buttons. On the box cover, someone wrote in pen “Austria”. We were joking that maybe we will find other countries in the next flea market visits.  After some research, we think some of the buttons in that box are from the late eighteenth century. She is willing to share that collection with me :). I will post about the box at some point, but in this post I will show a ring I had made from one of the buttons in the box. It was only one of them and I don’t think is as old as the rest of the buttons, but I wanted an anchor ring for a long time now. I don’t care about its Christian symbolism, but I like the fact that it is a symbol of safety and stability. So, I do have now an anchor ring, with a nice rounded high profile on the finger. I like how it looks like together with my late Art nouveau ring (from the twenties or thirties).

DSCN0175DSCN0180DSCN0178ancora mic

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I wouldn’t have said that I collect these, but apparently I do. The orange one is bakelite, two of the small ones are celluloid, the big blue one is turquoise, two of them are Art nouveau gold plated brass and the rest are silver. hearts.jpg

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FIX gold fill pendant

I have written about my Art nouveau costume jewelry collection before, here and here and here. I have found a new piece this Sunday. It is marked Fix, which was a French company producing gold fill jewelry at the end of the nineteenth, beginning of the twentieth century. I sometimes see these pieces marked Fix, with their pretty Art Nouveau designs and usually they are not expensive. This pendant was less than 5 euro. I put it on a gold plated vintage watch chain that is long enough to wear around my neck.



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Art Nouveau lockets

art nouveau lockets

I have found two more pieces for my collection yesterday at the flea market. These Art nouveau pieces are  easy to collect in my city and I find them from time to time for cheap. Actually, just the rectangular one opens like a locket, the circle is just a pendant that looks like a locket. I would really like to find at some point one that still has the original photos inside, to have an idea of its initial owner, but this didn’t happen yet.

I took a photo of all my Art nouveau lockets (they are all gold washed brass) in the warm light of an end of the summer evening.

art nouveau lockets 1